Suzuki: Gadgets irrelevant as tyre quality is crucial for road safety

11th October 2011

The quality of tyres fitted on a car has more of an effect on road safety than electronic gadgets, according to car manufacturer Suzuki.

Michael-Le Flay, Suzuki's aftersales marketing manager, claimed that many Britons are unaware of the benefits offered by winter tyres when the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, with many instead relying on new technology to assist them during the winter months.

He said: "It doesn't matter how many electronic aids your car may have, the quality of its tyres is critical.

"The compound used for winter tyres, and their tread design are tailored to cope with adverse conditions, so that the best levels of car control can be maintained."

Cold weather tyres offer a number of benefits to drivers, including improved braking and grip on icy roads and limiting the effects of salt corrosion to alloy wheels if fitted as standard.

A recent study in Canada revealed that drivers who fit cold weather tyres are 38 per cent less likely to have a collision. 

Posted by Danielle Barge