Switching tyre position can prolong lifespan

14th September 2011

UK motorists should switch the position of their tyres to prolong their lifespan, according to an expert.

Tim Shallcross, an advisor for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), revealed that tyres wear unevenly depending on which wheel they are fitted to and therefore advised drivers to alternate their position.

He wrote on the Sunday Times website: "You could switch the tyres around onto different wheels – tyres wear unevenly and so this will even out the wear and prolong their life.

"Uneven wear is a sign of a problem with tyre pressure, wheel alignment or the suspension, and you should get all of these checked right away."

Mr Shallcross added that worn tyres can often begin to emit a noise but urged motorists to ensure that any sounds are not a result of a more serious issue with the car.

The IAM recently advised Britons to order their cold weather tyres early to ensure they are prepared for winter. 

Posted by Danielle Barge