Taxis called up on faulty tyres

8th March 2012

Taxi drivers are the latest group to be targeted by the police as part of a crackdown on faulty tyres in the UK.

Police in the Bradford region stopped a total of 27 taxis last weekend, as the authorities closed in on rogue drivers.

Three of these cabbies subsequently had their licences suspended after their cars were found to feature defects like bald tyres and faulty lights.

Seven additional drivers were given advisory notices for minor offences with three fixed penalty notices also issued by the police.

The operation was undertaken by the Bingley and Keighley Neighbourhood policing team, with Inspector Craig Marshall leading the clampdown.

"Through these initiatives we want to send a message out that we are monitoring the roads and will take action against those who operate illegally," he said.

Drivers must ensure their tyres and vehicle in general are road legal with MOT test centres providing the best option for anyone seeking a full service.

A previous campaign in Hull saw police undercover a high proportion of faults with tyres, after pulling over 1,383 faulty cars.

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