Teaching your kids to drive harder than giving birth?

29th August 2012

Research from AA Driving School Research has found one in 20 parents think occupying the passenger seat to help their children pass is the most difficult ordeal they go through.

In a survey of 11,361 dealing with illness was understandably chosen by 40 per cent as the biggest challenge parents face, but helping them to learn to drive still got the vote of 568 traumatised parents.

"Any amount of extra practice with friends or family is associated with a higher driving test pass rate, so it’s really important that learners have this chance. But, it’s also important that those people taking learners for private practice feel comfortable doing so," said Jim Kirkwood, managing director of AA Driving School.

The organisation advises that parents take a small amount of time to refamiliarise themselves with the Highway Code to improve their passenger seat confidence.

It might also be suggested that keeping your car maintained and ensuring your tyres are in a good condition can also help to make the experience of learning more comfortable for parents and their kids alike.

Accompanying research conducted in 2010 showed half of UK adults have supervised a learner on private practice, suggesting a sizeable portion of Brits have shared the same heart-stopping fear that their motor is about to be totalled by a nervous teenager.

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