‘This weekend’ the most dangerous of the year

16th December 2011

With winter weather well and truly arriving, motorists have been warned that this weekend (December 17th and 18th) represents historically the two most dangerous dates for accidents on the road.

According to insurance provider Admiral, more accidents occur on December 17th than any other date of the year, with the 18th standing in second place.

Winter tyres can help motorists cope with hazardous conditions, particularly when there is ice on the road and temperatures fall below seven degrees celcius.

However, motorists should still be at their most cautious when driving at this time of year, with Admiral even suggesting people leave their cars at home this weekend if possible.

Dave Halliday, managing director of Admiral, said: "It's difficult to say for definite why these dates in particular have historically seen such a high number of accidents.

"The weather could definitely be a factor as there can be difficult driving conditions in December but at the same time, not every December over the last 18 years had had snow."

He suggested instead with a week to go until Christmas, drivers might not be giving their full attention to the road.

Posted by Danielle Barge