TomTom announces more intelligence for speed camera app

16th November 2012

Drivers hoping to avoid speeding fines will be pleased to hear that sat nav giant TomTom has released an update to its speed cameras app.

The service comes at no extra cost for the first 12 months and is designed to encourage drivers to stay within the speed limits, making driving safer and more cost-efficient.

Vice president of Mobile at TomTom Gerry Hinds suggested that the service will be improved as an increasing number of consumers sign up.

He said: "As more and more drivers share newly added or removed cameras with each other, the service will get even better and benefit from the power of the growing community."

Motorists who make use of the service will be made aware of their speed and what the limit is for the area that their driving in, they will also be told what cameras are ahead and how long it will take to reach it.

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