Trading standard clamp down on tyres at four Bury garages

24th January 2012

The dangers of paying for tyres to be repaired by less-than-reputable sources was highlighted after Trading Standards officers clamped down on four Bury garages.                                                                                                          

According to reports from The Prestwich and Whitefield Guide, inspectors uncovered the tyre-related misdemeanour during a check on garage servicing in the Bury region earlier this month.

A total of ten garages were checked, with Trading Standards paying particular attention to their work on repairing damaged car tyres.

Incredibly, four out of the ten garages in the region were found to have left 'repaired' tyres in a poorly maintained state.

The garages in question had been paid to repair the tyres, but inspectors discovered that on closer inspection, these compounds had not undergone the required work.

Inspectors reported that in many instances, the garages were opting to repair punctured tyres from the outside with some even opting to patch the compounds up.

This of course is the wrong method to apply, with experts advising damaged tyres be repaired through plugging, which prevents water from entering the compound.

Commenting on the clamp down, Trading Standards spokesman Graeme Levy said: “The decision whether to repair or replace a punctured tyre is initially down to the motorist.

“However they should be able to trust that any repair will be carried out safely."

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