Trading standards call for ‘proper’ repairs for car tyres

9th January 2012

Any car tyres that suffer a puncture must be repaired properly and ideally by a qualified service provider, according to trading standards officers.

The call comes following a crackdown on garages failing to provide adequate repairs to car tyres in the Greater Manchester region.

A total of 108 inspections were carried out, with advice and written guidance provided to those Manchester garages failing to meet the required standard.

Officers inspected three garages in the Trafford region, following complaints that they had failed to meet the required standards for safety.

According to reports from The Messenger, in some instances, punctured tyres were being covered over by patch repairs, which can lead to water leaking into tyres.

Trading standards argued that all punctured tyres should be fixed from the inside and plugged rather than patched.

Product safety spokesman Graeme Levy said: "The decision whether to repair or replace a punctured tyre is initially down to the motorist.

"However, they should be able to trust that any repair will be carried out safely."

Visiting established tyre repair and maintenance firms like ATS Euromaster is often the best way of avoiding these problems.

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