Traffic increase set to hit UK by 2035 warns RAC

21st November 2011

UK roads could be facing an increase of at least four million cars on UK roads by 2035, according to new research from the RAC.

The figure comes as part of a new report from the RAC Foundation, with the rise in cars on UK roads set to come in the next 25 years as the UK population grows by ten million.

According to the RAC, this increase could lead to a 43 per cent increase in traffic volumes with delays also set for a 54 per cent rise over the next 25 years.

This could see brakes and tyres endure further wear, as drivers stop and start more during busy traffic.

Professor Stephen Glaister, RAC Foundation director, warned that the UK was facing "jams today and even more jams tomorrow" because of the government's reduction in spending on UK road infrastructure.

"Ministers have not explained what plans they have to cope with the bleak picture painted by their own numbers," he said.

The RAC foundation pointed to 96 unfunded road schemes that have been shelved by the Department for Transport.


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