Transport Minister unveils plans to deal with roadwork disruption

26th January 2012

Transport Minister Norman Baker has announced the introduction of new powers designed to help councils combat the disruption caused by road works in the UK.

With damage like potholes threatening tyres and exhausts with damage, the implementation of road works is a necessary evil, despite the traffic problems created.

However, the added congestion caused by digging up UK roads could soon be eased under plans currently being implanted by Mr Baker.

He is proposing the introduction of a lane rental scheme where companies can be charged up to £2,500 a day to dig up busy roads during peak travel times.

The aim is to incentivise carrying out work quickly and at non-peak travel times. The Department for Transport has published guidance on the new scheme today (January 26th).

As part of the plans, the system will be trialled in one metropolitan and two other areas in the UK, with local authorities invited to apply.

Commenting at the unveiling of the new scheme, Mr Baker said: "It is incredibly frustrating to find vital roads being dug up in the middle of the rush hour."

"This disruption is not only inconvenient but very expensive, with roadworks-related congestion costing the economy an estimated £4 billion a year," he added.

The scheme is set to be introduced in the coming months.

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