Tread carefully on tyres, says Gem

22nd March 2012

Gem Motoring Assist has called on drivers to ensure they regularly check and maintain the tyres on their car, in a bid to reduce overall fuel costs.

The suggestion comes as part of a ten-point plan unveiled by the breakdown cover and road safety organisation to help combat rising fuel costs.

Chancellor George Osborne yesterday (March 21st) confirmed plans to raise the cost of fuel by 3.02 pence a litre from August.

While the plans have been met with widespread criticism from motor industry groups and road charities, Gem has called on drivers to improve their car maintenance habits in a bid to reduce fuel costs.

Tyres represent a cornerstone of this campaign, with Gem calling for motorists to ensure tyres are always inflated to the correct pressure once a month.

The road safety firm noted that tyres are key to saving money with just one compound deflated by 20 per cent raising fuel consumption by five per cent.

David Williams chief executive of Gem Motoring Assist said: "We believe there are simple, yet effective, steps motorists can take to ensure the fuel they pay for goes as far as possible."

Posted by Danielle Barge