Treat your car and its tyres for Valentine’s Day, says GEM

8th February 2012

Drivers should consider sending their beloved cars in for a check up on tyres and parts like brake pads this Valentine's Day in a bid to avoid breakdown heartbreak.

That is according to GEM Motoring Assist chief executive David Williams MBE, who is calling for motorists to take better care of their automobiles as part of a new campaign.

Ensuring your car undergoes regular maintenance checks of tyres and exhaust systems among other things is an easy way of saving money in the long run.

Research recently conducted by MB&G found that drivers could be making themselves liable for bills of up to £2,000 if they fail to send their car in for a regular check.

In response to the growing concern around vehicle checks, GEM have now launched the new Vehicle Valentine initiative designed to encourage regular car check-ups.

Mr Williams MBE said: “Facing facts, as with your better half, you’d be devastated if your trusted vehicle let you down, so why not use Valentine’s Day to show your car a little love too?”

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