TT fans reminded to check tyres

29th May 2013

As riders flock to the Isle of Man TT races to catch all the action, TyreSafe are advising bikers to check their tyres before they set off. It’s all part of their PACT campaign, designed to promote proper tyre care and road safety.

Although it’s easy to overlook the state of your tyres, it’s as important as ever, especially as many bikes have been in storage over the winter and early spring months. It is crucial for drivers to keep tyres in good condition, as they affect everything from steering and manoeuvrability to fuel efficiency and braking.

Chairman of TyreSafe, Stuart Jackson, said: “Whether you’re planning a trip to the TT races on the Isle of Man or just taking a relaxing ride out in your local area, it’s always sensible to look after your tyres for a smoother ride. Just a few simple precautions can provide better handling and grip. The added benefit is that properly maintained tyres can actually reduce running costs.”

Riders should have their tyres checked on a weekly basis, particularly in the summer months when mileage and wear drastically increases. TyreSafe recommends that a trained expert carry out the inspections to ensure nothing is overlooked. However, bikers should give their bikes a quick check every time they take to the road.

To perform daily frequent DIY checks, bikers can avoid unpleasant surprises on the road. Check tyres for cuts and bulges first, then look for embedded debris. Check the tread depth to make sure it meets safety standards. Riders should ensure that the tread depth does not fall below the legal minimum of one millimetre at any point around the circumference of the tyre.

Finally, bikers should check tyre pressure. By making sure tyres are properly inflated, riders can prevent a blowout, improve the rate of wear and optimise fuel efficiency. Tyre pressure, just like overall condition, has a noticeable effect on handling, grip and road safety.

In conclusion, Mr Jackson added: “There’s no doubt that the TT races are a highlight of the year for many bikers and for some it’s become an annual pilgrimage. It’s therefore essential that they check their tyres to get the maximum performance from their bike, as well as staying as safe as possible when making the trip.”

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