Tyre age can negatively affect performance

30th May 2013

New research indicates that over ten million tyres on Britain’s roads could be unsafe due to old age. Up to 83 per cent of motorists don’t know how to work out the age of their tyres. As many as one in three drivers admit their tyres could be unfit for the road.

Although there is no set life expectancy for tyres, factors such as misalignment, heavy use and poor maintenance can cause them to wear out in less than five years’ time.

Over six million respondents said at least one of their tyres is over five years old. Nearly 15 per cent of drivers don’t know how old their tyres are – which means that up to 11 million tyres could be outdated and pose a serious safety risk.

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Posted by Millions of Brits admit their tyres could pose a safety risk.