Tyre and motoring giant Continental AG announces new R&D facilities

21st November 2012

Continental AG has opened a state-of-the-art development centre in Nuremberg at a cost of 7.5 million Euros (£6.3 million) which will employ some 200 staff.

The centre will include a hydraulic test bed and an area which allows research and development engineers to produce prototypes quickly.

Chairman of the executive board of Continental AG Dr Elmar Degenhart said that the centre "will allow us to offer our customers around the world sustained support in bringing new, top-quality systems and technologies to market even faster".

In another sign of the company commitment to expansion, Continental AG opened a new research and development centre in Timisoara, Romania on November 19th. The opening of the facility was described by the president of the interior division Helmut Matschi as "another important milestone in [the company's] history".

Continental AG has been keen to remind drivers that they should check their tyres more often in the winter as it states that "snow and slush can hide all sorts of hazards".

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