Tyre labelling system will help drivers make better decisions, say Continental

24th January 2012

The introduction of a standardised labelling system for new tyres could help drivers make improved choices when purchasing compounds, according to Continental.

Beginning in November 2012, the new tyre label initiative will see compounds feature information on three key criteria: fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise.

Under the plans, new tyres will be given an EU label with values from A through to G, with D excluded in order to avoid any average performing compound.

Manufacturers will be required to provide the sticker for all of their tyres, while also ensuring that the information is clearly visible and displayed for drivers purchasing them.

Suppliers must also provide label values to their customers, in case a choice of different tyres can be made on the vehicle.

Continental Tyres have already welcomed the move, which is set to be introduced in less than a year, but did note some limitations.

"The regulation is intended to help consumers make better decisions when buying tyres but it still only covers three of the performance criteria that a tyre needs," a statement said.

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