Tyre manufacturers ‘awaiting news on labelling rules’

16th December 2011

Manufacturers are still awaiting clarification on how the planned European Union labelling regulations for tyres will be policed when they come into effect next year.

From November 2012, all tyres on sale will be required to carry a display label that shows how they are rated in terms of fuel efficiency, wet grip and external noise, Fleet News reports.

Tests are to be undertaken by the manufacturers themselves, but it is not yet known how this process will be monitored and regulated by the EU authorities.

David Smith, UK managing director for Continental Tyres, was quoted saying: "We are waiting for the UK government to decide who the enforcement agency will be.

"We need to know how, or who, is going to enforce this with it being self-certification. I don't believe anyone will play with the label, but the opportunity is there."

According to Continental Tyres, the new EU Tyre Label will rate fuel-efficiency and wet grip with grade ranging from A to G, while external noise made by the tyre will be measured and presented in decibels.

Posted by Danielle Barge