Tyre Safety Month gets prime-time attention

25th October 2011

Tyre Safety Month was placed firmly in the public eye this week after BBC's The One Show dedicated a feature to the campaign.

Yesterday (October 24th), a five-minute report on the programme highlighted the dangers of driving on illegal tyres by showing how using tyres with insufficient tread depth can dramatically increase stopping distances.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of non-profit body TyreSafe, said: "Driving on defective and illegal tyres continues to be a massive problem in the UK and is the reason for scores of road casualties each year

"Highlighting the problem on such a high-profile, prime time TV slot will give our campaigns a major boost and help us to educate and remind drivers about their tyre maintenance responsibilities."

More than 1,200 motorists were injured in tyre-related accidents in 2010, according to figures recently released by the Department for Transport. Tyre Safety month aims to help bring this number down by providing information on good tyre practice, while UK garages will be offering free tyre checks throughout October. 

Posted by Danielle Barge