Tyre tread crucial to road safety, says police

18th April 2012

Ensuring your tyre tread is in fine working order is fundamental to overall driving safety.

That is according to traffic officer Paul Bannier, who issued the advice during an interview with Channelonline.tv.

Mr Bannier is a member of the Jersey police constabulary and part of the team of officers currently clamping down on drivers that fail to check and maintain their car's tyres.

These worn down compounds pose a serious risk both to vehicle owners and other drivers using the road. In many instances, this failure to regularly check compounds could make your vehicle invalid under its agreed insurance policy.

Speaking to the news provider, Mr Bannier said that it remains "vitally important to snure the whole of the treaded pattern of the tyre is examined".

"If your tyres are worn you are putting lives at risk, added to the fact that your vehicle will probably not be insured," he added.

Booking in a service with an established tyre fitting and MOT centre offers the best solution for those eager to remedy any potential problems.

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