Tyres fly-tipper receives three-month jail term

29th February 2012

A man convicted of causing £1 million worth of damage after fly tipping hundreds of old tyres has been sentenced to three months in prison.

Malcom Regan, ran a business replacing old compounds with new tyres, but landed himself in trouble after a spate of fly-tipping offences.

Tyres were dumped across London, with Mr Regan even leaving worn-out compounds at the site of the Olympics and even the courthouse he was tried at.

Worse still, the rogue trader ditched a load of black rubber at a property near Kings Cross, passing it off as any one of the standard MOT centres offering new tyres.

In court, Mr Regan was handed a 10-year Antisocial Behaviour Order, banning him and his associates from dealing in compounds of any kind.

Speaking in court, Judge Mark Bishop said he had given "no thought to the effect on others," before sentencing him.

The case highlights the importance of purchasing new tyres from a trusted source which will dispose of any old compounds in a legal way.

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