Tyres play a crucial party in road safety, says Sussex Police

27th June 2012

Phil Barrow, of the Sussex Police force, has urged motorists to remember the importance of ensuring tyres remain properly inflated and safe to use.

The law enforcement representative was speaking after the Sussex service was awarded Tyresafe's prestigious outstanding achievement accolade for 2012.

They picked up the award, alongside Chandlers BMW, at the annual dinner held in Warwickshire this week.

It was given to them in recognition of their collaborative work over last October's tyre safety month, where a series of compound  safety road shows were held across the region.

The two firms generated widespread media coverage for their efforts, helping to spread the message to motorists to check their car tyres regularly.

“Tyre safety plays a crucial part in a vehicle’s performance," Mr Barrow said.

"If a tyre is not properly maintained then it can have devastating consequences, not just for the driver but also the passengers and other road users.”

If unsure about your compounds, visiting a respected tyre fitting and service provider is one easy way to gain reassurance before hitting the road.

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