Tyres still as risk from roadworks, says Warranty Direct

1st February 2012

New measures to cut motorist delays caused by roadworks do not go far enough to protect against potholes that can cause damage to tyres and other car parts.

That is according to Warranty Direct, who highlighted the damage done to motorists cars in recent research.

According to figures published on the firm's Potholes.co.uk website, motorists spend over £1 million a day on repairing damage to cars caused by badly-maintained roads.

This equates to an average repair bill of £309 for motorists in the UK.

The research comes after the Department for Transport announced plans to charge utility companies up to £2,500 a day to dig up roads during peak traffic times.

This new system will help to encourage firms to work efficiently and also consider undertaking work during non-peak times.

Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher said: “Easing gridlock and traffic jams is all very well, but another key issue with these roadworks is the poor workmanship in putting the road back together afterwards."

"Utility companies should not only have to rent the road they plan to dig up, but also be forced to pay fines for poorly-repaired road surfaces."

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