Tyres turned into art

14th February 2012

Most motorists don't typically spend too much time thinking about their tyres until treads start wearing down or they get a puncture, but a group of talented Brits is looking to change that by turning them into something else entirely – art.

Four British artists were commissioned by a tyre manufacturer to use their tyres as canvases for unique pieces of art reflecting the heritage of road and race driving.

Cooper Tire Europe came up with the project, with the artists spending a combined total of 257 hours creating their artworks out of the tyres.

Anyone interested can see the fruits of their labours at the Artica Galleries in London, where the tyre art will be displayed until February 17th.

Abstract artist Stephen Cooper said: "As soon as I received my tyre, I knew I wanted to give the illusion of movement.

"I'm proud of the fact I’ve had the opportunity to work on a piece of art that has given me ideas to take my style forward."

Posted by Danielle Barge