Tyresafe calls on motorists to ACT

16th July 2012

Compound safety champion Tyresafe has highlighted the fact that many road incidents related to tyres can be avoid by following the rule of ACT and checking the Air, Condition and Tread.

As the group explained last week, checking air pressure is correct is vital at all times and should be done before hitting the road.

This can prove particularly important when carrying extra weight like luggage and additional passengers as part of summer travel plans.

In these instances, ensuring tyres are inflated to a higher pressure can help keep vehicle users safe.

For guidance on accurate compound pressures, motorists are advised to consult with the vehicle handbook or alternatively via the fuel fill cap or on the driver's door sill.

Visually inspecting tyres and removing any objects embedded in the tread is also crucial to maintaining road safety. Should any cuts, lumps of bulges be found, then a qualified tyre fitting professional should be consulted.

Finally, ensuring tread meets the 1.6 mm depth across the central three quarters of the compound is crucial and a minimum requirement for any road legal tyre.

As Tyresafe chairman Stuart Jackson explained: “Just a few minutes spent inspecting the vehicle’s tyres, including any spares, can save a lot of time and hassle later on if there is a tyre related incident."

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