TyreSafe marks five years of campaigning for safer tyres

tyresafe 20th December 2011

TyreSafe has marked its fifth anniversary of raising awareness about issues surrounding tyre safety.

The not-for-profit group was set up in 2006 to highlight dangers such as letting the tread on your tyres wear down and hazardous winter driving conditions.

Since then, it estimates that the number of motorists killed and injured in tyre-related accidents on UK roads has fallen by 38 per cent,

"There's no doubt that TyreSafe has made a huge contribution towards improving drivers' attitudes and behaviour towards tyre car and maintenance," said Stuart Jackson, chairman of the group.

"As an organisation, we've been incredibly busy and proactive over the last five years, but it's important to note that we've also received fantastic support from many other organisations that has been critical in helping us educate people and raise standards."

As well as educating car drivers, TyreSafe also works to highlight safety issues affecting motorcyclists, van and truck users, caravanners and trailer owners.

In recent years, it popularised the 20p test, which helps drivers easily check the tread depth of their tyres, as well as launching an iPhone tyre pressure app.

Posted by Danielle Barge