TyreSafe to hold first ever webinar session

14th January 2013

Part worn tyres are to be investigated in TyreSafe's first ever webinar.

On Monday February 25th the not-for-profit organisation aims to discuss the issue and improve the standards of part worn tyres being sold in the UK.

The free to join session will explore the current legislation, as well as delivering practical advice on how to inspect your tyres and common problems to look out for.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, argued that as four million part worn tyres are now sold annually in the UK, inspections of their structural integrity, tread depth, standard of repairs and markings are all essential.

"As household finances remain squeezed, we know that more drivers are turning to part worn tyres. While we maintain that new tyres are the safest option, we need to ensure that those opting for part worns buy only those which comply with legal requirements in order to minimise any safety risks," Mr Jackson explained.

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Posted by Danielle Barge