TyreSafe video highlights benefits of winter weather tyres

19th September 2011

A new video has been produced to highlight the benefits that winter tyres can offer.

Produced by road safety organisation TyreSafe, the video aims to show that these tyres offer advantages throughout the winter and not just during periods of heavy snow and ice.

Ahead of this October's Tyre Safety Month, the organisation showed that winter weather tyres bring significant performance and safety benefits over standard summer tyres as soon as air temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius.

In the UK, temperatures typically fall below this level between October and March, regardless of whether roads are icy or are covered in snow.

"Our film was shot on an ice rink to drive home the difference between summer and winter tyres in extreme conditions, but in reality, any cold, damp road surface will make a real difference to how a tyre performs," said Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe.

"Whenever the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, the tread compound in normal summer tyres begins to harden, providing less grip and reducing safety."

Comparing two vehicles (both were the same model) equipped with the different tyres, the video shows that even while travelling as slow as 15mph on an icy surface, summer tyres take four metres longer to stop. 

Posted by Danielle Barge