TyreSafe warns against tyre complacency

1st October 2013

Road safety organisation has warned against complacency around tyre safety after new figures were revealed by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Data from the organisation revealed the number of drivers killed or seriously injured as a result of dangerous, illegal or under-inflated tyres, fell five per cent to 194 casualties.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chairman, said: "We are pleased that the number of fatalities or serious casualties coming from a tyre related accident has fallen, but this is no time for complacency."

He explained that the safety organisation is seeing an increased number of drivers willing to run their tyres down to dangerous levels in an attempt to save money.

"While we’ve been successful in helping to remove the most dangerous tyres from the road, average tread depths on cars have reduced recently which has contributed to an actual increase in number of drivers suffering slight injuries," he added.

The latest figures from the DfT has coincided with tyre safety month, which is designed to encourage drivers to check tyre pressures at least once a month.

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