UK drivers ‘deserve the very best highways’ says ABD

23rd November 2011

Drivers using UK motorways deserve the very best highways, given the amount of motoring tax they pay, according to the Association of British Drivers.

David Peat from the ABD made the comments after it was revealed that Chancellor George Osborne is set to introduce toll express lanes on UK motorways.

The new express lanes could help motorists avoid traffic congestion, which is a common cause of tyre wear among UK drivers.

Speaking in The Daily Mail, Mr Peat has criticised the plans for the new toll roads which will see drivers incur further costs for use, on top of MOTs and other motoring charges.

"We pay £50 billion a year in motoring taxes, of which only £7 billion goes back into motoring," he said.

Under current plans, sections of the M11, M6, M1 and A14 are set to introduce the new express toll roads with special number plate recognition technology set to log vehicle use.

But despite the plans offering an innovative solution to road congestion, Mr Peat believes some motorists will still feel aggrieved.

"Many drivers will feel we deserve the very best highways and should not have to pay extra," he said.

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