UK drivers slower on the tech uptake than Euro counterparts

UK drivers slower on the tech uptake than Euro counterparts 4th September 2015

Most of us will have technology like sat nav, bluetooth and digital radios in our cars, but when it comes to more advanced forms of driving aids to make our driving lives that bit easier, it would appear that British motorists lag behind those from across the continent. 

According to the latest Car Buying Trends report published this week by Ford, for example, it was revealed that only as many as one in five British buyers will purchase a car that comes with automatic parking assistance technology. Only five of the 22 nations surveyed across Europe were found to be more reluctant to adopt this technology than the UK. 

Switzerland is the nation that loves technology more than any other, with 72 per cent of drivers on the lookout for pre-installed parking assistance aids. In other countries like Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, six in ten drivers said the same. 

And it's not just on parking technology where British buyers have been slow to adopt new ways of getting from A to B. According to the Ford research, only three per cent of Brits have so far bought into Active City Stop or Lane Keeping Aid tools, compared to some 60 per cent in Norway and 51 per cent in Sweden. 

What it means is that the government in the UK will need to do more to convince Brits that technology in cars is the future, especially after announcing that it wants the country to lead the way when it comes to self-driving vehicles. 

In the next few years, the government is expected to commit as much as £100 million to helping adapt the future of driverless technology in cars. It has already also committed to four different testing sites across the UK as it looks to step up its venture. 

Posted by Danielle Barge