UK drivers warned of further flooding on the roads

UK drivers warned of further flooding on the roads 17th November 2015

Drivers across the UK have been warned to look out for the potential for further floods in the next few days, with heavy rain expected to create even more problems for places across England that have already been badly affected by flooding in the last few days. 

Over the weekend, parts of the north-west and Yorkshire saw rivers burst their banks, leaving many roads obstructed and drivers having to tread carefully afines they made their way to work on Monday (November 16th). 

Some roads were completely submerged on Sunday and Monday, and even as the waters have started to subside at the start of the week, it was reported by the Environment Agency that drivers still need to exercise caution and expect more floods when the rain returns. 

It believes that in the next few days, the Scottish areas of Dumfries and Galloway, Borders, Tayside and West Central Scotland will be the worst affected. However, six counties nationwide are also on alert for the possibility of further flooding. 

The RAC said drivers should make sure they are always taking care when driving through flood water, because even though modern cars are better equipped to deal with the issue than they were some years ago, they can still have problems if drivers are not careful. 

"Modern cars have improved incredibly, but they are still far from waterproof and driving through water that is too deep can have catastrophic results for both cars and lives," says RAC spokesman Simon Williams. 

"Any driver thinking of going through floodwater needs to be absolutely confident that it is shallow enough to make it through without stopping and water being sucked into the engine."

Drivers should always make sure they are giving enough room to other drivers when flood waters are sitting on the road. Never try to follow someone through flood water until they are totally clear, make sure to maintain a steady pace and always ensure you know how deep the water is before you enter it. 

Posted by Danielle Barge