UK drivers waste £337m a year on fuel due to under-inflated tyres

under-inflated tyres 28th October 2011

UK drivers are wasting a total of £337 million a year on fuel by driving with under-inflated tyres, according to new research.

French tyre giant Michelin has revealed that 39 per cent of motorists are driving on dangerously under-inflated tyres, with five per cent found to be using punctured tyres.

As a result, drivers are using an extra 244 million litres of fuel and emitting more than 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Phil Baldock, Michelin's head of communications, underlined the importance of driving with the correct tyre pressure.

He said: "Under-inflated tyres can not only put lives at risk but they increase the stress on a vehicle's steering and suspension, cause it to use more fuel and thus produce more CO2.

"Not only does the right pressure improve safety, it is beneficial for their bank balance to have correctly inflated tyres and it also helps the environment."

Drivers who use under-inflated tyres suffer from an increase in braking distances, poor handling and reduced tyre life.

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Posted by Danielle Barge