UK insurers claim fitting winter tyres won’t affect premiums

26th October 2011

Leading UK insurers have revealed that customers which fit winter tyres will not face changes to their premiums.

Last year, it was reported that many insurance firms classified switching to winter tyres as a modification and therefore increased premiums or even refused service.

Motoring magazine Autocar contacted the AA, Churchill, Co-operative, Direct Line, Esure, Liverpool Victoria and RBS to query this matter and found that none of them deemed cold weather tyres as a modification this year.

"There was a lot of fuss last year over winter tyres, as some insurance companies were classifying them as modifications, and a number of people were refused cover as a result," Ian Crowder from the AA told the publication.

"We regard winter tyres as a safety device and see no justification in charging an extra premium to customers responsible enough to fit them."

UK drivers are not required to notify their insurers that they have fitted winter tyres, although some insurance firms recommend it. 

Posted by Danielle Barge