‘Vital’ to remove uninsured drivers from UK roads, says Brake

6th February 2012

Brake campaigns director Julie Townsend has highlighted the danger that uninsured drivers create on UK roads causing injury and damage to vehicles and their owners.

Any collision with an uninsured driver could leave motorists with huge garage bills to pay for damage to exhaust systems and engines too.

Road charity group Brake campaigns director Julie Townsend called on more to be done to crack down on uninsured drivers in the UK.


"Research shows people who drive uninsured are more likely to crash and cause tragic deaths and injuries, so it's vital we see action to remove these highly irresponsible and illegal drivers from our roads," she said.

The comments come after the charity gave MP Karl McCartney the road safety award for his recent campaign aimed at tackling uninsured driving in the UK.

Back in October, Mr McCartney revealed that the average fine for driving an uninsured vehicle is just £200, around four times less than the average annual cost of insurance.

He is currently calling for an increase to the current fine system.

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