West Sussex Motorists anger at tyre popping pothole

26th April 2012

Drivers in West Sussex have been left out of pocket after a large pothole caused serious damage to their car tyres and left them with bills of hundreds of pounds.

The pothole, which is situated along the Turners Hill Road of East Grinstead, measured just 70 centimetres in length and 15 centimetres in depth.

Yet what this hole lacked in size, it certainly made up for in damage, with Tracey Pennington among those to suffer at the hands of the poorly-surfaced road segment.

According to a report in the East Grinstead Courier and Observer, the 41-year-old was travelling down the road last Friday morning in her Seat Leon when the incident occurred.

At first, Ms Pennington thought she had merely gone over a bump in the road, however she quickly realised this was not the case.

"It made a loud noise and the tyre immediately started losing air," she told the news provider.

Forced off the road to await rescue, she noted that two other motorists had incurred a similar fate at the time. 

What she could not have predicted was the overall cost this single pothole would bring.

“I have been quoted £70 for a new tyre and £273 plus VAT, to repair the wheel,” she revealed.

Since then, Ms Pennington has got in touch with the West Sussex Highways Agency in the hope of gaining some compensation.

The case follows promises from the transport minister than all road repairs would be undertaken promptly and with extra care to ensure they stay fixed.

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