What is most important to you about tyres? Price or performance?

16th December 2013

Fitting new tyres to a vehicle is something that all motorists face at some point during the lifetime of their car, as tread wears down and tyres can become damaged over time.

But, when faced with so much choice on the market, drivers are presented with a dilemma when choosing their next set of tyres. Do you go for the best price or those that offer the best performance?

Recent surveys have indicated that many people fail to take into account new labelling regulations that provide all the information about a particular tyre pattern, such as fuel economy, wet grip levels and noise levels.

Some drivers spend time checking out the latest tyre reviews to find the best fit for their car, while others allow their local garage to pick for them, or make use of the manufacturer's guidelines.

Christofer Lloyd, Which? magazine's cars and tech researcher, explained that the choice of tyres available to motorists can be baffling, with a huge variety available for each vehicle, matching a host of different budgets.

When it comes down to the final decision, the two major deciding factors are price and performance.

As the old adage goes, you get what you pay for, and this is true with tyres as the budget patterns, although up to the job, do not have the same performance or lifespan as more expensive compounds.

Budget tyres tend to score low on fuel economy, wet braking and noise, however, they are more friendly on the wallet and buying expensive tyres does not necessarily mean that you get a better performance.

Performance is a key factor when it comes to picking tyres and it is important drivers pay attention to the labels on the sidewalls of tyres they are buying. Having tyres fitted that match the driving style of a motorists is key, so considering performance is vital.

Having tyres fitted by a trained professional, who may be able to provide recommendations for a vehicle and driving style, can take some the pressure off a driver's decision.

Posted by Danielle Barge