What to do if you get a puncture

What to do if you get a puncture 24th November 2014

There's little worse when you're out in the car than realising that you've got a puncture. It can leave you stranded and unable to complete your journey. And even though it's easy to fix, it's something that should never be attempted unless you know what you're doing. 

For the vast majority of people, getting a puncture will leave them sat at the side of the road waiting for help, but even if you know what you're doing, it's important to know best practice for dealing with a puncture at the side of the road. 

  • Know your limits. If you are not confident in changing a tyre yourself after a puncture, don't try to do it. It can be dangerous if you don't do it right, so always call in an expert to change a flat tyre
  • Where are you? If you are at the side of a well lit road in a town or city, getting out to change the tyre should not be too much of an issue. However, if you're at the side of a country road or on a motorway hard shoulder, never attempt to change it yourself. In these cases, pull into the side, put your hazard lights on, move yourself away from the roadside and call for assistance. 
  • Check your handbook. If you do change the tyre, be aware that most newer cars will only come with a run-flat tyre. This has limitations, so check what these are before you set off. The majority will only allow you to drive a certain number of miles on them and never go over 50mph.
  • Follow the correct protocol. One issue that can come from changing car tyres can be that people occasionally make the situation worse, which is why it's always best to enlist the help of an expert. An example of this can be when it comes to jacking the car up. If you use the jack in the wrong place, you can actually damage the underside of the car and end up spending hundreds of pounds to fix it. 

Posted by Danielle Barge