Windscreen wipers are a vital part of summer road safety

17th July 2013

In summertime when glare becomes a common problem for motorists across the UK, working windscreen wipers are more important than ever. When hit with direct sunlight, streaks, smears and built-up residue are blinding and can drastically impair a driver’s ability to see the road ahead. When hazard perception is impaired, that’s when accidents happen. In order to ensure your safety this summer, swap out worn wipers for new, efficient ones – this quick switch could help save your life.

Quality wiper blades come in handy all year long as well, protecting your vision even in heavy pop-up showers that are all too common throughout the UK.

So if your wiper blades are leaving thick bands of water on your windscreen, squeaking, juddering or leaving streaks, it’s time for a new pair.

Choose from flat or standard wiper blades from ATS Euromaster to stay safe this summer, no matter what the weather’s like.

Posted by New windscreen wipers dramatically enhance your safety behind the wheel.