Winter road safety: Drink-driving offences increase during festive period

20th December 2012

The season of goodwill often has an unsavoury consequence, as the number of drink-driving offences in the UK increases.

A crackdown on the offence is currently sweeping across Britain, so drivers must remain extra vigilant of their alcohol intake over the festive period.

The Association of Chief Police Officers released figures showing 280 people were killed, 1,570 people were seriously injured, and 9,900 were casualty victims in 2011. More startling is the 7,124 drink-drivers who were arrested between December and January last Christmas.

With a UK drink-drive limit of only 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, you may want to think twice about that “just one drink” pledge, or that serving of boozy Christmas dessert.

A fine of £5,000, a criminal record and a minimum 12-month driving man would be an unwelcome Christmas gift for anyone, in addition to the potential health and livelihood consequences you may suffer yourself or inflict upon others.

ATS Euromaster hopes that all its customers have a safe and happy Christmas and avoid any instance of drink-driving over the festive season. 

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