Winter tyre check list

2nd October 2012

With the winter approaching, drivers should not be tempted to ignore the tyre pressure on their vehicles, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

Motorists are advised to check their car’s tyres at least once a month to ensure they are getting the best traction for their car.

"Planning ahead and taking the time to make sure you know what to do when driving in winter conditions and ensuring your vehicle is mechanically sound before the temperature dips could save your life," Heather Mack, Director of Alberta Government Relations with IBC, said.

Other advice issued by the IBC includes reducing speed, which will help drivers to respond when conditions on the road change.

The organisation also warns against using cruise control when the weather is changeable.

TyreSafe has launched Tyre Safety Month to highlight the importance of ensuring there is enough tread on wheels to cope with wintry conditions.

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