Winter tyres are ‘not just for snow’

26th October 2011

Cold weather tyres should not just be used when it is snowing, according to a motoring expert.

Online car expert Honest John has published a series of tips for UK motorists this winter, with switching tyres cited as a crucial way to keep safe when the temperature drops.

He said: "Winter tyres are not snow tyres – they're designed to be effective in all cold conditions, not just snow.

"As soon as it gets cold, standard summer tyres – which the majority of cars in the UK are fitted with – lose grip and traction making stopping distances considerably longer and handling far less predictable."

The expert added that winter tyres have a higher ratio of natural rubber and silica in the compound which stays flexible and offers improved grip compared to their summer counterparts.

More than 18,000 road accidents were caused by snow or ice last year, according to figures from the Department for Transport. 

Posted by Danielle Barge