Winter tyres ‘pay for themselves’ when compared to accident costs

snow car 14th November 2011

Fleet managers have been urged to fit winter tyres to their vehicles as the products will eventually "pay for themselves", it has been claimed.

Jon Tandy, business development manager at Mycompanyfleet, the automotive division of HR software firm NorthgateArinso, advised fleet managers to weigh up the cost of buying new tyres against the likelihood of increased accident rates without cold weather tyres.

"It is impossible to be exact because accidents vary so much, but incidents can cost from a few hundred pounds to several thousands, or even a write-off," he told Fleet News.

"If switching to cold weather tyres saves one accident from occurring, the tyres will undoubtedly pay for themselves – but perhaps more importantly drivers will also be safer into the bargain."

Mr Tandy added that accident and repair costs increase by between 25 and 50 per cent in winter due to poor driving conditions and extended periods of darkness.

When braking on an icy road at 20mph, cars fitted with winter tyres are shown to stop 11 metres sooner than those with summer tyres. 

Posted by Danielle Barge