Ambulance service opts for cold weather tyres

9th November 2012

Cold weather tyres are a consideration for many motorists when the winter draws in, but for some drivers manoeuvrability in difficult conditions is essential, and potentially life-saving. 

That is why the East Midlands Ambulance Service (Emas) has made the decision to fit its fleet of vehicles with tyres designed specifically for the cold.

Steve Farnsworth, fleet manager at Emas explained that ambulances need to drive, whatever the weather.

"Our ambulances are our treatment centres and when we receive a call we will go to that patient even in the most hazardous conditions.

"This programme helps to ensure the safety of crews and patients and is just another way we’re working to improve response," he said.

Mr Farnsworth explained that the tyres would help the crews drive in snow and ice, as well as when the roads are wet.

The AA states that cold weather tyres improve braking and traction performance on wet and icy roads.

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Posted by Danielle Barge