Are new winter tyres worth the investment?

6th December 2013

As the first serious wintry weather is forecast to hit the UK this weekend, with snow predicted for many areas, motorists will be beginning to get concerned about travelling in these conditions, particularly in the car.

There will be those that are woefully underprepared and cannot get to work and there will be some driver that have taken the time and effort to buy and fit winter tyres to their vehicle.

The latter group should not feel too smug yet though, as winter tyres need to be regularly changed, even though they get traditionally less use than standard patterns.

So, is it worth investing in new winter tyres this year? Let's take a look at their plus points.

Improved performance in wet, icy and snowy conditions

Winter tyres are designed to perform to their optimum abilities when used in temperatures under seven degrees C, which now we are in December is virtually all the time in the UK.

You may think that they only reduce stopping distances and increase traction in the snow, but this is far from the truth, they will reduce your stopping distances in wet and icy conditions too, so they can help you avoid a collision on the roads.

The higher silica content in winter patterns makes them softer and the different tread pattern helps them grip the road.

Is it worth it?

Ultimately, the fitting of winter tyres will make driving in difficult conditions, which many motorists struggle with, easier. Slides are reduced and stopping distances are limited, which can save motorists from a costly collision.

Winter tyres can also add a level of confidence to a driver so they can travel in difficult conditions with the peace of mind that they will be safe.

However, before fitting your winter tyres it is always worth giving them a once over to check for damage. Look out for blisters, cuts and bulges and ensure they are correctly inflated before being fitted to the vehicle.

If storage guidance is not followed tyres can become damaged and drivers should consider buying a new set of winter tyres if they have doubts about their safety.

Posted by Danielle Barge