Blue light fleets trust ATS Euromaster

22nd April 2013

Over 10,000 new cold weather tyres have been supplied to 20 NHS and private ambulance operators by ATS Euromaster, proving the supplier remains firmly committed to ‘blue light’ fleets.

Specialist cold weather tyres are designed to offer superior handling and manoeuvrability in chilly winter weather. In temperatures of less than seven degrees Celsius, the high-grip tyres provide reduced stopping distances and impressive traction. As the mercury drops to subzero temps, the rubber in these specialist tyres becomes less elastic and harder to enhance braking ability. This is due to a larger percentage of silica in the rubber compound, which behaves differently in extreme weather.

Between October to March, when temperatures hover around the zero degree mark, cold weather tyres are especially useful. In November 2012, demand for cold weather tyres peaked, with nearly 3,000 being fitted to rapid response vehicles, including ambulances and paramedic cars.

Optimal performance is necessary when lives are on the line. Assistant operational support manager at North East Ambulance Service, George Price, is grateful for the sense of security ATS Euromaster’s tyres provide. He said: “Fitting cold weather tyres has worked very well. We can respond to 999 calls with the peace of mind that our crews are able to reach patients safely in adverse weather conditions, meaning we can continue to provide the necessary care without compromise”.

Peter Fairlie, group sales director at ATS Euromaster, added: “Ambulances are some of the most important vehicles on the roads, and by providing cold weather tyres ATS Euromaster is ensuring these fleets are as safe as possible when tackling winter roads under demanding blue light conditions”.

The specialist tyres are used in many other fleets throughout the UK to enhance road performance and minimise downtime, as well as accidents. Mr Fairlie said an excess of £10 million worth of cold weather tyres were ordered for the 2012 to 2013 fiscal year – a 60 per cent increase on last year’s sales.

“As people begin to truly understand the benefits of cold weather tyres, there is a bigger demand for them,” said Mr Price.

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Posted by Danielle Barge