Businesses can benefit for winter tyres

30th December 2013

Motorists all over the UK will be driving around on winter tyres at the moment due to the increased performance they offer when the temperature dips below seven degrees C and snow and ice cover the roads.

However, many of these people will jump into a work vehicle that is still running around on standard summer tyres, instantly losing that extra level of grip and performance under them.

It is important that businesses which rely on vehicles during the winter months to fit the correct tyres to deal with the different challenges this period throws as commercial vehicles and their drivers.

Many areas of the UK have been lucky so far this year and have not experienced any snow, but the white stuff will arrive soon and cause havoc on the roads, costing businesses that are not prepared money each and every day.

The infrequency of snow in the UK may often mean businesses are tempted to take the risk and not equip their vehicles with the correct tyres, but this could see them losing money when snow makes travel difficult.

Fitting winter tyres to company vehicles will ensure the firm continues its daily business virtually unaffected by the weather, while other that have failed to take the precautions struggle to complete orders and meet client demands.

As well as being a positive factor for the business, the addition of winter tyres will help to protect employees from accidents, as the compounds have been specially designed to perform well in cold temperatures and slippery conditions.

They are softer and therefore offer more grip on icy or wet roads, can reduce stopping distances to prevent collisions from occurring and have deeper treads designed to squeeze any snow and ice away from the surface of the tyre, so it doesn't become blocked.

Posted by Danielle Barge