Cold weather tyres still worth having, says ATS Euromaster

24th April 2012

Winter tyres remain a valuable safety feature and worthwhile purchase, according to new statistics supplied by ATS Euromaster.

The tyre fitting specialists have published new weather analysis which indicates that temperatures dropped below seven degrees celsius during the peak commuting times on 147 different days between October 1st 2011 and March 31st2012.

These figures demonstrate the crucial role winter tyres could have played in ensuring road safety, with these special compounds designed to operate more efficiently than normal tyres at temperatures of seven degrees Celsius or less.

Ten major cities were studied to gauge the results, with Newcastle upon Tyne registering the highest number of days where temperatures dropped below seven degrees with a total of 129.

Liverpool meanwhile, had the lowest number of days, with just 78 registered.

Speaking to Fleet News, ATS Euromaster group sales director Peter Fairlie said: “These statistics highlight that cold weather tyres are still a valuable safety feature worth having, even during a mild UK winter.”


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Posted by Danielle Barge