Continental expects winter tyre market ‘to pick up’

13th November 2012

Despite a weak start to the season in terms of sales of winter tyres, Continental remains confident that it will sell as many of these specialised tyres as it did in 2011/12.

The global manufacturer of tyres sold approximately 20 million winter compounds last year, with its rubber group generating sales of €9.9 billion in total for the first nine months of the current year.

Although it is always recommended that motorists buy their winter tyres with plenty of time to spare, it is inevitable that many will wait until the temperatures start dropping below seven degrees Celsius – the level at which conventional compound performance begins to decline – to make such a purchase.

This is especially true as it is important to buy winter tyres in sets of four – in fact it can be more dangerous mixing up winter and conventional tyres than not using them at all.

Dr Elmar Degenhart, chairman of Continental's executive board, said: "In spite of a weak development of the winter tire markets at the start of the season, we are confident of re-achieving the previous year's level of approximately 20 million winter tires sold in the current year as well."

With UK winters becoming much harsher in recent years – and the risk of snowfall and flooding seemingly on the rise – it is becoming increasingly important to use winter tyres in many parts of the country.

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Posted by Danielle Barge