Continental tyres chosen for new Porsche models

Continental tyres chosen for new Porsche models 17th April 2014

Continental tyres have been selected for fitment of the new Macan SUV and Panamera range from Porsche.

It has approved the ContiSportContact tyre line in sizes 18" and 21" for use in summer on the Macan SUV. Additionally, the ContiSportContact 5 P N0 in sizes 265/40 R21 101Y and 295/35 R21 103Y as well as the ContiSportContact 5 N0 in sizes 235/60 R18 103W and 255/55 R18 105W have been approved for use on the vehicle.

A range of tyres from Continental have also been selected for use in winter on the Macan SUV. Porsche has selected the ContiWinterContactTS 830 in sizes 235/60 R 18 103 V and 255/55 R 18 105 V. Moving forward, these tyres will bear the N0 mark, which show that Porsche has approved them.

These winter tyres have been designed so that they have optimal braking abilities in the ice and snow in order to maximise safety for drivers. It has also been proven to have excellent traction and handling in the snow.

For the Panamera range of sports cars, Porsche has also approved summer and winter tyres from Continental in sizes 18", 19" and 20". These too now come with the N0 marking to show that they have been chosen by Porsche.

The ContiSportContact 5P are designed to have excellent handling and safety, so that it has very short braking distances even when the car is travelling at high speeds.

ContiSportContact tyres are not recommended for use during icy and snowy conditions, however, they have proven to deliver excellent performance during warmer months whether the roads are wet or dry. They allow for even more responsive steering and cornering abilities as well as a smooth and quiet drive.

On the Panamera range, the winter tyres from Continental have been approved for use for speeds of up to 150 mph as they have proven to be able to manoeuvre quickly on dry roads that are free from obstacles, even during the colder months.

Posted by Danielle Barge