Huge lack of awareness about winter tyres in UK, says Continental

9th January 2012

Continental Tyres brand manager Peter Robb has hit out at what he describes as a huge lack of awareness about winter tyres in the UK.

Winter compounds have long been a popular fixture in mainland Europe, yet UK drivers remain hesitant to purchase the compounds.

This comes despite UK road conditions becoming increasingly difficult during the winter months with the period between December and February widely regarded as the most difficult time for UK road conditions.

But despite this, a high proportion of motorists in the UK remain reticent to buy winter tyres.

A recent survey found 66 per cent of drivers questioned would not be fitting winter tyres, with 46 per cent citing the expense.

This comes despite winter compounds offering improved cornering stability, handling and grip in icy road conditions.

Speaking after Continental Tyres picked up the Which? Award for the best winter compounds on the market today, Mr Robb admitted his surprise at the lack of take up among UK drivers.

"Although widely fitted across Europe, there is a huge lack of awareness in the UK about winter tyres," he said.

Mr Robb added that he hoped the latest award would demonstrate "the overall high performance and safety" of the Continental compounds.

Posted by Danielle Barge